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Good Reads

Check out what you might be missing on our social media feeds. This month’s most popular online articles from our social media followers include: Do you know the difference between smoked salmon and lox? Check out this article for a full explanation, and then come in and sample our many varieties. Out of bagels, […]

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Buy Bagels Online

We are thrilled to announce the new Rosenfeld’s Bagels Online Store is now fully operational! Get a jump on the line at the counter and place your order for all items (except Celebration Challah). With 24 flavors of bagel, 14 cream cheese flavors and all the other tasty items we offer, it can be hard […]

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What to do with leftovers…

Do you have leftover bagels, lox or cream cheese? Here are our most popular recipes for using up your delicious leftovers: Pizza Bagels – Pizza bagels are the ultimate after school snack.  They’re easy, ready in minutes, filling and kid-cooking-skills friendly. Get The Recipe Bagel Quiche – Why not  hollow out a bagel and make a […]

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Enjoy Breakfast At The Office

Having another early breakfast meeting at the office, and it’s your turn to bring the refreshments? We have you covered. Just call us ahead of time and tell us what you’d like and we’ll make up a catering breakfast tray just full of delicious treats, a nice change from the usual donuts.Your office mates will […]

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“Can We Have Your Day Old Bagels?”

For many years we have been asked by charities and fundraising groups for our leftover bagels. At Rosenfeld’s we are very happy to support the charitable organizations in our community, but to be honest, we don’t usually have very many leftover bagels! When we do have leftover items, we work with several organizations who distribute […]

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