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A Kosher Certified Bakery
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Celebrate the Moms and Grads in Your Life with Delicious Platters from Rosenfeld’s

Make celebrating the ones you love easy with delicious platters from Rosenfeld’s Bagels! With Mother’s Day just around the corner and graduation days filling the months of May and June, let Rosenfeld’s Bagels lend a helping hand with your celebration. We have delicious platters ideal for any size celebration, no matter the occasion. From an […]

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What is Cholov Yisroel Cream Cheese?

Today you will find that milk and dairy products are increasingly available with cholov Yisroel certification. Cholov Yisroel or “Jewish Milk,” is milk from kosher animals obtained under Jewish supervision to assure that milk from non-kosher animals was not mixed with it. Additional steps are taken to further ensure the purity and quality of dairy […]

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