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A Kosher Certified Bakery
1280 Centre St, Newton, MA 02459

Becoming Kosher

Being a Kosher-certified business isn’t for everyone, but for Rosenfeld’s and the community we serve, it makes perfect sense. Not only does it align with the dietary restrictions of the Jewish faith, but it also ensures the highest quality end product. Becoming a certified Kosher business put us on the radar of a lot of […]

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Baking Challah with Lan Lam

Have you ever wanted to give baking your own Challah a try? Cook’s Illustrated Editor, Lan Lam, visited our shop and we shared our recipe and braiding techniques with her. You can see the links to her recipes and braiding tutorial here if you’d like to make a loaf at home or you can always stop by […]

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How to Keep Your Bread Fresh Longer

Everyone loves bread fresh from the oven, but who has time to bake a fresh loaf every day or run to the store every time you crave that warm, doughy goodness? While these tips won’t deliver that hand-warming, butter-melting, make-your-mouth-water scent of a loaf straight from the oven, they will make your purchases last longer […]

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